Animated music video parody of the movie “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom”
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Claire convinces Owen Grady to go back to Isla Nublar to rescue Blue and the rest of the dinosaur population. However, they are unaware that the Indoraptor has been eagerly awaiting them back at Lockwood Estate for a surprise party!

►Script, Song, T-Rex, Indoraptor & Owen Vocals & Animation: Lhugueny
►Blue Vocals and Animation: WDi_40


Owen Grady:
What could go wrong with a drink with my ex?
Expected reminiscing, maybe makeup s**.
Instead she convinced me to find Blue and bring her back,
How could I say no? After all I’m like her dad.

Get on a plane with Claire’s interns,
One is a p***y, the other is a nerd.
After stopping to say hi to Little Foot’s mom,
Go searching for Blue, let’s hope she stays calm.

It fell apart, the park,
But you came back, to find and save me.
‘Til they shot, my neck
With a dart, it made me crazy.
They put me down, to get my DNA, DNA,
So they could clone themselves a new hybrid egg, hybrid egg,
They better make sure that it don’t escape, don’t escape…

Indoraptor (Chorus):
I’ll kill a-a-all of the humans,
They’ll all scream as I start to chew them.
Watch your back, I’ll attack, and I’ll snap every bone in your body, body.

I’ll kill a-a-all of the humans,
And I’ll sneak up, henchmen I’ll ruin.
Human flesh, tastes the best, when it’s fresh, don’t you hide, cause I’ll find you, find you.

Kill them all, kill them all…

Owen Grady:
Double crossed by Ken, left to burn up in the lava,
But I’m so d****ed up, almost fry inside this sauna.
Face off with a carno, ’til Rexy saves the day,
Roll off a cliff and splash into the bay.

Drive a truck to the ship, hide like a stowaway,
Blue needs blood, so we climb in Rexy’s cage.
Off to Lockwood’s estate, we’re gonna shut this thing down,
And protect this little clone to the beat of roaring sounds.

Now that I’m free, I’ll eat any goons that dare attack me,
I’ll scratch and I’ll claw this hybrid, he ain’t a pack mate.
But there’s a part of you that’s just like me, just like me,
Because we share some of our DNA, DNA,
But still I won’t allow you to go slay my homeys.


Don’t you dare stuff my a** in a cage,
Or I’ll get claustrophobic and I’ll start to rage.
Haven’t eaten since the Carnotaur on the island,
Hungry for Mills, I hope I find him.

Might just be h*** from the cyanide,
Carnivorous thoughts I cannot hide.
Wanna run free, explore and sing,
Prove to Mufasa that I’m the king.


(c) 2018 LHUGUENY

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